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Bathroom Before and After

Two years. I have lived in my house two years with one fully functional bathroom. Not a big deal, except I have two bathrooms.

I have, during this time, had a roommate and both of my parents as house mates. We shared to the best of our abilities this space, but the urge to complete the renovation to the master bath was always there. Slowly, I began to collect the necessary items for the remodel.

To replace the old corner shower that leaked, I found a full sized shower insert for $200 at the local discount store Cargo Largo.  I had a similar stroke of luck with my floor tile. I found the cutest tile at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a reasonable price. My Christmas present was a Lowe’s gift card that I bought my accent tile with. The pretty finishing touches were purchased with birthday money. TJ Maxx and Target were where I found the majority of the decorative items…I just love those stores!

The final step was finding a person to do all the hard work. It took a few bids and some patience, but I found a guy I went to high school with who was great! He did everything I wanted and worked with my bargains.

Here is what the bathroom looked like in the process of taking down tile.

Getting tile installed.

The finished product minus the new paint.