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Reading Challenge: Book One

My first fitted bespoke bookcase

Starting the year with a book in hand is something I rarely do. I usually have lofty goals of reading lots of books during the year, but getting started isn’t an easy thing for me. This year I stepped up my goal setting by accepting a reading challenge. It gives me a more solid path to follow when selecting a book. By giving me a list of types of books, I am able to find a book that fits and just begin. I don’t have to struggle with the question, “what should I read?”, for quite as long.

My first category I selected to read from was: A book that’s becoming a movie this year.

The Revenant. A book about revenge.

This book is a little out of my comfort level. I typically read young adult dystopian novels, but I want to expand the scope of my reading to gain from the variety available. This book has a different feel, a gritty and honest book that speaks of a rougher time in America. Glass my not have the purest of intentions, but his determination to reach his goal is inspiring. Throughout the book you see Glass face many struggles that seem insurmountable, but he lets nothing stop him from reaching the finish line. I think this theme proves that I picked the perfect book to start off my year!

The goal for this year’s list is not to just read, but to grow through reading. I want to challenge my current thoughts and assumptions through choosing new and exciting books I would usually pass by. I started this year with a hefty challenge and I anticipate a wealth of stimulating thought coming from it!

What are some of the books you plan to tackle this year? Will you join me in my reading challenge?


Healthy Choices Month

In lieu of the new year [and all those fantastic resolutions that come with it], we here at adore.inspire.create decided to deem the month of January as “Healthy Choices Month”! We all already know that a new year means a fresh start. For us, it’s not just about eating healthy and going to the gym more. We want this month to be about making better decisions and enjoying our lives to the fullest!

Some fun content you can expect to see in the near future:

  • a healthy food challenge
  • a reading challenge
  • ways to stay motivated when you just.cant.even.
  • making good habits
  • budgeting

Stay Tuned!

The Book Thief: A Review

book thief

A movie based on a book. Anyone who knows me could tell you a few choice words I’ve used to describe how these movies make me feel. Accurate representation of a beloved book from the imagination of millions of readers isn’t typically on the top of anyone’s list when making a feature film. Other things like revenue come first. Yet, I’ve disappointed myself time and time again in seeing a movie after falling in love with the book. This time I’d learned from my mistakes and saw the movie first.

I was touched by the depth and elegance of The Book Thief. This must be why several top reading lists include it among top 100 books to read before you die! The story follows a courageous young girl, Liesel, through her life of struggle and loss. Liesel lives life determined to love despite her repeat loss of loved ones. Her strength through adversity and constant will to learn teach us to thrive regardless of our environment. This movie will move you to tears and have you yearning to read.

I can’t comment on the movie’s ability to accurately portray the story from book form, and I think that is a good thing. I’ve learned that reading a detailed representation of a story before seeing its visual representation is a mistake that robs you of enjoying the movie. My motivation to read the book has only grown after seeing the movie. So, grab some popcorn and candy and head to the theater to enjoy this film.