Travel : Breckenridge, CO


Being sick can really throw you off your game! I don’t get sick much, but when I do I guess I like to make up for lost time – thus this late post! I love to travel, and being sick wasn’t going to stop me this time. This year Bryce and I were able to take a long weekend and go to Colorado with some friends. I was excited and nervous at the same time, because it was the first time we would be leaving our baby (I have tears just thinking about it). It was hard, but I’m so glad we took the trip. We loaded up the 4-Runner and headed to Breckenridge, CO.

Despite the fact that I caught some respiratory bug, and possibly was affected by altitude sickness, I still enjoyed the mountain air and was able to get out and about. Bryce has never gotten to snowboard in the mountains, so I was excited to see his reaction when he saw how huge they are, and how much REAL snow can make a difference in your riding experience! He’s so good at boarding already, he adapted very well. I, on the other hand, still struggle with snowboarding – but I’m getting better and better the more we go!

Breckenridge is a very popular place to ski/snowboard, especially in the high season of January-March. There were a ton of people out, but the lift systems and trails that they have in place still make it nice for everyone. They have something for all sorts of winter sportsters  – greens for the newbies, double blacks for the experienced, and “bowls” for the insane. I stayed comfortable on the blues and greens. When you’re tired, just take a break at one of their many lodges! The food is a bit expensive, but you get a large amount and it is delicious.  I didn’t know before, but they also have childcare! We might just have to take baby girl back real soon…

While our group of 12 got the most of the fantastic riding conditions, I had to stay at the condo most of our second day. I did however get out to see some of Breckenridge’s cute little downtown. It’s adorable, colorful, bustling – and a shoppers paradise! A friend (who also took the day off) and I walked around, ate crepes, and strolled in and out of shops.

Here are a few of my finds:

Artisan Necklace – B for Bryce, O for Olivia, and “blessed” because I am!

Artisan Carved Candle
Colorado Onesie 

Organic Tea for the sisters

Crepes – made the only way I want them, by a hipster with a handlebar mustache. My buddy Meng was working on his social media game while we watched the crepes being made. The hipster was working too fast for me to get a good shot, you’ll just have to believe me about the handlebar mustache.

There are SO many places to eat here too. We wanted to try them all but just didn’t have enough time. I would suggest going more than 3 days if you can, to get the most of your trip! Although we didn’t get to use it, our lift tickets included a day at Vail or Keystone which are other nearby ski resorts. Hopefully we can explore those next time.

All in all, I say this is an excellent place to visit. Be prepared though, to spend some major cash, because skiing/boarding can be expensive! If you love the outdoors as much as we do, it is totally worth it. We saved money by driving (instead of flying), bringing along groceries, and splitting the cost of a condo with the rest of our group. We were also able to get a discount on our lift tickets by purchasing them early. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Where have you been lately ? Comment about your travels!!


Reading Challenge: Book Three

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) By Mindy Kaling

This book took me entirely too long to read. I just couldn’t make myself pick it up. I HAD to finish it though, because it counted for my book written by a celebrity and book written by a comedian! Two categories on my list!

Mindy Kaling is clearly a very funny woman who has a successful career as a comedic writer and actress. She has witty stories staring famous people. She has honest opinions that many would be afraid to share. Unfortunately, her comedic genius didn’t transfer to written word very well. She seems to be  scattered story-teller with little forethought to the overall feeling to her book.

She did successfully make her life relatable and funny. There were times I laughed out loud. I finished the book wanting a more fluid tale. I didn’t hate reading the book, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The “Unplanned” Roadtrip

RoadtripA while back, one of my facebook friends posted this really cool game that she and her friend started doing. I guess you could call it a game … it’s more like an adventure-creator! I am so in love with this idea – I couldn’t help but share it!

Road trips are always fun (in my opinion). Road trips with one of your best buddies – even better! Part of the fun of road trips is getting to your destination. You get to see lots of places, eat lots of junk food, and make memories with your friends. This type of road trip is even more exciting, because you have no idea where you’ll end up! [Allison recently told me that not knowing where you end up sounds terrifyingly annoying to her… I disagree!]

There are lots of fun aspects to this “unplanned road trip”. The girls made some fun rules to follow, and the directions are all part of chance. Here are their road trip rules:

  1. Every hour, roll the dice to find our way
  2. At every bathroom stop, pick a card
  3. At every intersection, we roll the dice
  4. Every time we get gas, pick a card
  5. Any site, park, museum (etc.) that we find interesting we must stop to check it out
  6. When all road trip buddies decide it’s time to get off the road, we roll the dice and go 30 minutes more

When you roll the dice (re-roll if it doesn’t work):

  1. Go North
  2. Go South
  3. Go East
  4. Go West
  5. Turn Right
  6. Turn Left
  7. Take the interstate
  8. Take the county road
  9. Take the state highway
  10. Make a pit stop
  11. Pick a card
  12. Pick 2 cards

What’s on the cards? The road trippers wrote things like “take a road trip selfie”, “buy something local”,  and “stop for a road side snack”. Making up your own fun card to-do’s would be so fun! It’s really up to you, what you decide to put on the cards. Any task, however silly, I’m sure would make the trip very memorable!

What I like about this adventure is that it’s very laid back and flexible. If the rules don’t exactly work where you’re at, then bend them a little! Roll the dice again, or pick another card. Stacey (the road-tripper), told me the first time they went out, they had to change some rules because it kept them roaming around the same roads for an hour. After the change they ended up in Indianapolis! The second trip – Memphis. Depending on how much time you have, you could pretty much end up anywhere!

Some tips from the road trippers: Make sure you have snacks and water, bring a camera and the charger, and pack for the season (they go in the summer).

So what do you think? You ready to road trip?! Share with us!


40 Things to do with your Best Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at Adore.Inspire.Create! 

Whether your best friend is your spouse or someone you’ve known since kindergarten , Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by all! And who says you have to have just one best friend? Maybe you have a few…

There’s no doubt that any relationship (romantic or platonic) takes effort. Life gets busy, and if you don’t take the time to nurture those relationships they can really tank fast! Although it can be easy to do the same old things with your buddies every single week, it’s a good idea to change things up and make new memories along the way. Here are 40 ways to do that! 

  1. Mani/pedi
  2. Coffee run
  3. Ice cream run
  4. Layout and read at a park
  5. Cook a fancy dinner together
  6. Make cupcakes
  7. Create a care package for a mutual friend
  8. Plan a road trip
  9. Make a bucket list together
  10. Pick out outfits at a thrift store for each other – photo op! 
  11. Make a time capsule 
  12. Volunteer at a food bank together
  13. Volunteer at a pet shelter together
  14. Get matching tattoos
  15. Try a new restaurant 
  16. Paint/wine night
  17. Try a new theme park
  18. Go paint pottery together
  19. Go camping
  20. Go hiking
  21. Upcycle a piece of furniture together from thrift store finds
  22. Have lunch together with each others’ moms
  23. Take a cooking class
  24. Go horseback riding
  25. Play a board game 
  26. Do a puzzle 
  27. Watch a matinee movie
  28. Plant a garden
  29. Try knitting/crocheting
  30. Go to the gym
  31. Take a yoga class
  32. Find a local farmers market
  33. Make a scavenger hunt for someone else 
  34. Fondue night
  35. Go zip lining 
  36. Go cart racing
  37. Get your Christmas shopping done (super early!) and wrap your gifts
  38. Play cards
  39. Go antiquing 
  40. Fold oragami 

Defining Friendship

I have never had an abundance of friends. I like it that way! I have lots of acquaintances, but less than a handful of friends. Finding people who meet my definition (not Merriam-Webster’s) of friendship has been difficult. Creating a friendship takes effort and time. It takes two people intentionally acting together to learn and grow.

I knew Adriene and I would be friends when I witnessed her keeping her roommate accountable. She took a risk and had an awkward conversation to better her friend. How cool! She came into my life at a time that I had no friends physically to near me. We have grown immensely together and separately in the time that we have been friends and that’s exactly how we planned it. We try to push each other to be better each conversation we have. Our friendship defines friendship for me. Dependability, loyalty, lack of judgment, encouragement, and love. That’s what a true friend is to me!

How do you define friendship?

February Layout – Erin Condren Life Planner Decorating

A few days late … But here it is! I didn’t have as much time to think of a good layout, but I still like how it turned out. I’ve been doing more research on planner decorating and I guess I’m into what they call “glam planning”. Unfortunately, I’m finding out that glam planning and all the things I want to track aren’t mixing very well – I don’t have enough room! Thinking about making some inserts for myself for more space. I don’t have the money to spend on another planner yet but I’m totally loving the new Filofax look and kiki k’s! I also am looking into disc planners – I’ve seen them at craft stores but didn’t know how they would work for me. I’m on the hunt for now, but I still think maybe I could design a planner that fits me perfectly. Maybe someday!





Friendship February


Last February – the month of loooveee – we dedicated most of our posts to what we adored! This February we are focusing on a different, more specific kind of love. The love of friendship! This is perfect for us, because Allison and I have had MANY conversations about how true friendship is good for the soul. The older I get, the more thankful I am for the friendships that have been active for so long.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. (NIV)

We’ll be filling up the blog with content so warm and fuzzy, you’ll feel the love too. So, join us this month in celebrating the joys of friendship!


No More Self-Hate 

No More Self Hate

Some people are full of confidence – some are not. I am part of the latter group. I don’t think I quite noticed how severe my self confidence deficit was until after college. Or, maybe, it’s more that I understood why I had such low self confidence in the first place.

I’ve always felt like I was mediocre. It seemed to me that in everything I attempted, I was second place, decent but not great, passable but not ideal. There is never a shortage of memories of how I just didn’t quite measure up.

Even now, I’m attempting to complete a higher education degree and it feels like it’s taking FOREVER. I’ve been taking a few classes here and there while working, being a mommy, and just doing life. I wish I was a super-mom with all the capabilities of doing it all and not missing a beat, but I am not. Even with my best effort, my grades are not where I want them to be and although I haven’t even applied for the program I want to be in, I feel like a failure. For some reason, this realization just really gets to me. I know I’m not perfect, and never will be, so why does this bother me so much?

What I think it boils down to is: History.

I never knew how much I self-deprecated until a friend was honest enough to tell me. I said sorry A LOT and it was annoying, even to me. I felt the need to apologize for who I was and what I did to almost everybody. Most days when I looked in the mirror I was able to pick out every unflattering thing about me and I found myself saying those things out loud! I’ve been doing this for years and I never noticed how much I was confirming my self-hate. Day after day, year after year, I have been disapproving of myself for so many silly stupid things. Those little things build and become bigger things, and before you know it, you’re telling yourself that you can’t do anything and you’re a useless human being.

Unfortunately, I think this is something a lot of women do. I remember seeing my mother look at herself in the mirror and say awful things too. I don’t blame her for what I do to myself, but I do think it influenced the way I learned to look at myself. She grew up in an age where women were expected to do a lot and didn’t have many resources for emotional help along the way. The media too, has not helped this. I have watched countless hours of television telling me how I ought to look, how to act, and what to buy to help me be the “best me”. All with an underlying message that who I am at the core is just not enough.

So, I’m DONE. I’m done telling myself I’m not good enough. I’m done with satan telling me lies upon lies about why I’m sub-par. It helps no one, and it definitely doesn’t help me reach any goals along the way. This is not how God intended me to see myself. I have a daughter now, and I don’t want her to learn how to self-hate. My husband reminds me not to say self-depreciating  comments because soon enough those little ears will hear, and that little mouth will say! I want her to grow to be a gentle, confident, and loving woman, so I’m doing my best to be a gentle, confident, and loving mother.

It is my hope, that if you suffer these things as well, you can feel good in knowing that others struggle with this too and that there is HOPE. We don’t have to live this way – it just takes some good ole’ elbow grease in cleaning up our language and our thoughts. I know it won’t fix all my troubles in a day, after all – it did take many years for me to get this way – so it will take many years to erase the word graffiti I’ve plastered on. But today I am making the choice to leave the self-hate behind, and move forward into the hope of the future. Today I make the choice to have no more self hate.

Erin Condren Life Planner Decorating – Goal Pages

I really like that this planner already has yearly goal organization sheets included. This is something you usually don’t find in the cheapo planners I used to buy. Not only is it cute and colorful, it’s placed in the front of the planner for easy access!

The pages had places for a goal per month, with six months on each side. I decided that since I had already made a yearly goal page and a monthly exercise challenge page, I would just insert those there. Add a little washi tape and you’re good to go! It was a nice and quick way for me to get a little crafty today between baby feedings and diaper changes. (Still SO MANY diapers…)

Here’s the final product:




One Project @ A Time!

I’ve always been a little over-ambitious when it comes to thinking I can multi-task several crafting projects [and pretty much everything I do]…there’s always just so much stuff I want to do and not enough time! I’ve come to realize that I’m quite the dreamer, and I like to think things through and mull over ideas – but I’m terrible at finishing those that I start. For instance, I’m currently thinking about a DIY infinity scarf I want to make, a floor plan for the restaurant I want to own some day, the Blurb book I need to update, the wall art I need to finish, and the frames I need to get for the photos that I need to print off. I could go on and on. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with what I want/need to do, that I never actually get anything done! I want to do better about that.

So today, I made a list (shocker). With all my projects onto one sheet, I can prioritize! I thought I would share with you the project I’m currently working on and will finish first.

I’ve really been into planner decorating lately, and I think I can call myself an amateur planner addict by now. I love all the stickers and attachments, and the process of creating a layout. There’s so much cute stuff out there, but it can get expensive if you let it! In order to keep costs down, I researched some on how to make my own planner stickers and inserts. It’s relatively easy if you have the equipment!

I like my Erin Condren Life Planner so far, and I wanted to learn how to make my own planner squares for the vertical layout planner I purchased. Wenda, from has some great tutorials on how to do so! She also has a ton of info on planners, printables, and DIY stickers that I’m excited to delve into too. I used her tutorial and created these planner squares pretty quickly. The only problem I ran into is that I don’t have any type of document writer on my computer since I reformatted it a while back (poor ol’ gal, she’s hung in there for 6 years). I just ended up using a google docs form, and it worked fine. All I had to do was adjust each picture to the right size.

Here they are:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.54.44 AM

I found most of the graphics online, and some of them I made myself with the phone app Phonto and the editing site PicMonkey. I was mostly just messing around with this printout, but I’m hoping to make some personalized ones in the future (yep, on the list – I’ll update when I’m done). I’m planning on buying some sticker paper to make storing and using the printables easier, but for now I’m just going to cut them by hand and glue them in.

Feel free to print these off and use them too! Download the PDF here: Printables. (I included the template I used also). I’d love to see any that you create – send them my way!