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Small Closet Challenge {Part Two}

Whew! That was a whirlwind! Trying to do everything I wanted to do to my small apartment closet was difficult – because it’s SO small. There’s just not a lot of room to work with, which means a limited amount of options when designating spots for everything. But, using the information I had gathered from my  Small Closet Challenge {Part One} I  did it!

First, I allotted some time in my day to go through everything. The pile system worked wonders, and was quite gratifying. I used bags to collect each pile to make clean up easier. The piles I used were :

  • Trash – items that no one can use anymore (underwear, unpaired socks, etc.)
  • Plato’s Closet / Goodwill – items that don’t fit, are itchy, or that I just don’t like anymore, but still have use.
  • Keep – basics and sentimental items

Some suggest taking everything out of your closet and only hanging things back up that you like. I did not have the time to get it all done in one day, so simply plucking a few items at a time and putting them straight into their perspective bags helped a LOT.

Next, I made a list of basics that I had and also what I would like to have. (See my list here!) I also made a mental list of the types of items I needed to keep in my closet. I was able to do a small sketch of how I wanted my closet to function. Function is key in a small apartment.

Once I organized my remaining items, I took to my creative side. Time to decorate! I took my bag of unwanted clothes to Plato’s Closet. I love it there! They take your last-season clothes and buy them from you. It usually only takes a half to one hour for them to go through your things (depending on how much you bring). The hardest part is trying to not spend more money than you make off your clothes in the retail section. So great! For 14 items, I received $32.70! I used this money to purchase organizing items like baskets, and decorating items like spray paint and craft paper. This re-do literally cost me nothing.

To make my closet not only functional but visually appealing, I did some fun and unnecessary primping of the area. For example:

I made all my hangers match.

I matched hangers and gave a touch of gold to the plastic bin I already owned.

I matched hangers and gave a touch of gold to the plastic bin I already owned.

I put some gold glitz in several places.

I found some 75 cent wastebaskets in a clearance aisle, painted them gold, and used them as organization tools!

I found some 75 cent wastebaskets in a clearance aisle, painted them gold, and used them as organization tools!

I was able to splurge and buy some gold baskets I wanted with the money I got from Plato's closet!

I was able to splurge and buy some gold baskets I wanted with the money I got from Plato’s closet!

"I love gooooold" - Austin Powers Goldmember

“I love gooooold” – Austin Powers Goldmember

I super glued some placemats together to make a “dirt catch” of sorts.

I keep my most used shoes in the bottom of the closet, and this shoe mat will help keep things clean!

I keep my most used shoes in the bottom of the closet, and this shoe mat will help keep things clean!

And a little inspiration never hurt.

A goodwill frame, some scrapbook paper, and a Bible verse will keep my mind in the right place.

A goodwill frame, some scrapbook paper, and a Bible verse will keep my mind in the right place.

All-in-all, this was a great project for me. I feel MUCH accomplished It’s my hope that you are inspired to get creative with your own spring cleaning!


Small Closet Challenge {Part One}

Ugh. The thought of it makes me sick – cleaning out my closet?! Booooring. How about we just don’t do it, and say we did? Poof! Post over… Just kidding. This is something I REALLY need to do. I am completely unhappy when I look into my closet. It’s unorganized, full of sentiments and regrets, its dark, and sort of becoming an abyss. One major problem is that it’s super tiny, which is expected in our  super tiny apartment. It’s also got sliding glass doors and no light, so it doesn’t really make anything easily accessible to me unless I pull lots of stuff out and then toss it back in again. I was not a born-organized person, so this task has always been daunting. Some of you may feel the same way.  I will say that there is hope for us out there! I’ve done some research, and I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks from many how-to’s and DIY closet makeovers to spur on this mission.

1) Designate Time. A day. An hour. 15 minute intervals. Whatever will work into your schedule! Just knowing that you have already decided to work on your closet and have set a time will help the task go by. If you can’t get it done in one day, choose a second day to pick up where you left off.

2) Make piles. Many bloggers suggest at least three piles: trash, keep, donate. Assign some trash bags or baskets to each of these to help keep things tidy! Get rid of anything damaged, itchy, or doesn’t fit. I will most likely take some of my clothes to Plato’s Closet – if they buy any of my clothes, then I’ll have some cash to put into building my wardrobe essentials!

3) Build your basics. This is something I’ve never been able to do. I  have gotten better over the years about buying only things I like and not wasting my money on clothes that I “kinda, sorta, maybe it’s in style so I’ll buy it” like. I still struggle with building outfits from what I already have. There are tons of examples of basic wardrobes on Pinterest, but yours should be specific to you, your work life, and social life.  I plan on slowly building mine this year, because I’m on a tight budget. Here’s my list of basics! You can also follow my Pinterest Inspiration Board 🙂


4) Design/Assign a place for everything, One does not need 27 pairs of white socks (I don’t think…) Decide how much of each  you need to keep, and donate the rest. Then, give it a spot in the closet. This, I’m sure will be troublesome, since I hardly have a spot for anything! I think I’ll use my list of basics to go off of. {Bonus! This also means a trip to somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond or Office Max for organization goodies!}

5) Have fun! Decorate it up 🙂 Use spray paint to make all your hangers match. Paint the inside an awesome color. Organize by color, or don’t!  Hang up something that makes you smile – like a style board, a Bible verse, or an inspiring quote.

6) Prepare for your next clean up. Put all your hangers backwards, and next year, if there are any clothes on your  hangers that are still backwards – toss em!

What are some tips that you use to clean your closet? Comment below!

Black Friday

There is something polarizing about Black Friday shopping. You can’t talk about it without getting a definite reaction.   People can’t see the point of staying out all night or waking up early to save a little money. I’ve heard that the deals aren’t worth the hassle. Others, feel that it’s inappropriate to contribute to a tradition that pulls people away from their families on a holiday to work. I see all sides to this argument, but I ultimately decided my small contribution won’t make or break Black Friday.

My personal feeling towards staying up to shop has changed in recent years. I used to think everyone who would join in such an exhausting tradition was crazy, then I tried it. It’s now something I’ve come to look forward to each year. My favorite part isn’t buying lots of gifts, which can be tiring. Sitting for six hours bundled up with my family and friends waiting to get a free gift card . We get to catch up on everything that seems to get forgotten in the day-to-day bustle of life. For me, the tradition is about quality time and I can’t wait for it to get here!

Fun, Fall, Fair Trade!

Allison will be the first to tell you that I am less-than-confident when it comes to fashion. I mean, I like to dress how I like to dress (and I do my fair share of retail therapy)– but I don’t think my style usually fits in with most of the “here and now”. Luckily my friend is awesome at encouraging me to find style that I like and to wear it proudly. It is a form of art in a way, isn’t it?

And so, I present to you… my first ever fashion blog post!


Here I’ve gathered a few pieces of attire that I absolutely love. For fall, I tried to come up with something warm and cozy. I am, with out a doubt, head over heels, in love with my green patterned top and it’s matching emerald green bracelet. Both were purchased at The Mustard Seed.

Green Bracelet

These two items are most precious because they are my first purchases of FAIR TRADE. If you are unaware of what Fair Trade is, I’ll give you a little run down. (I could go on and on about this concept, but that is another post I am working on…stay tuned!)

Fair Trade is essentially 2 things:

  • A movement across the world that calls for fair and equal trade among producers and consumers.
  • Purchasing products that ensure the fair treatment, fair (sustainable) pay, and safe work places for those who make goods in underdeveloped countries. I.E no child labor involved!! If you don’t think that still happens, you’re wrong.

It’s really a thousand more things than that, but for this post I’ll leave it at those two. I assembled my treasured Fair Trade pieces with a pair of skinny jeans, a navy blue sweater, and then added my camel colored boots and a matching belt.

Wearing this outfit keeps me cozy, both physically and in my heart! I am so proud to be a supporter of Fair Trade.  It just so happens that this morning I was working on my post at Einstein Bagels, and I found this gem! Honest T is also fair trade certified! Its delicious too. If you like peach’s a must try!

Honest T

Fair Trade Logo

If you are interested in learning more about fair trade, I have listed some links for you to check out below!

Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade International

Equal Exchange

Nude and Gold Nails

Pinterest inspired, my nails were a combination of many sources and techniques.  I wanted to try the stiletto nail look along with this particular color scheme. My hardware was purchased on Amazon at a discounted rate, after I had prepared my nail tech for my ambitious plans for my fill appointment. She typically avoids nail art, but after a little coaxing I was able to excite her about my plans. I think they turned out great!

gold nails