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In my short twenty-five years of life I have found two things that hold true. One is that honesty and transparency have served me well throughout my life. A second is that God is amazing in so many ways! I am in awe in what He’s done for me so far, and I am learning that it is important as a follower of Christ to be open and share with others my struggles and victories. I am happy to be given this opportunity to share with our blog readers such things.

Allison and I met in college, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. I would say our friendship started almost immediately, because our passions and interests weaved together easily (also, our love of Indian food). After graduation both moved away, and since then we’ve tried our best to stay in touch. This blog is one of the ways we’ve decided we should communicate and share in each other’s lives. So… this is a public invitation to laugh with us, cry with us, dance with us, dream with us, and join in our shenanigans from day to day! Enjoy!




Writing about myself isn’t an easy thing to do, which is ironic because talking about myself comes natural. I enjoy my alone time as a homebody with my bulldog Gus, but being voted “most sarcastic” in my high school class wasn’t a coincidence! I’m a very inquisitive person who enjoys pushing the bounds of acceptable conversation and humor while delving into the hearts of people to find the honest gritty truth they don’t normally address. In order to get others to share themselves with me, I have become an open book with most people I meet.

Overhearing Adriene honestly discuss an issue with a friend was the moment I knew I wanted her as my friend. Her sincerity was refreshing and I was excited to see that instinct to push her friends towards greatness, even if they were resistant. Throughout the history of our friendship I’ve experienced challenges and growth by her side. This blog was created to continue our relationship in a meaningful way, as well as share the experience with others who could teach and learn with us.  I hope you gain as much from us as we have from each other!