April “Reboot”

Wow this year sure is flying by isn’t it? March got pretty crazy for me, so I was a bit of a slacker on several things I meant to stay on top of. Allison and I decided that this upcoming month of April would be a fantastic time to refresh ourselves and our goals. A “reboot” if you will…

I was sick in late February, and my exercise goal of the month (100 body squats a day) went out the window and so did my exercise goal for March. This month I’m going to try and do a plank challenge AND re-do February’s challenge. I’m starting on April 1st (no joke) – want to join me? You should!! We can be accountable to each other! Leave me a comment if you are interested and I’ll do a middle-of-the-month-check-in to see how we’re doing! Here’s the link to the challenge.

Another part of my life that needs a little push is my food intake. We have been eating out SO much and both myself and my wallet are feeling the effects. We need to stop spending so much money on eating out and start eating at home again. To do this, I’ve made a whole month meal plan. I always do better when I have a plan, but I’ve never done a whole month! I figured if I at least have something on every day, we are more likely to use that meal instead of going out. These are just dinners, but still really helpful! I’m sure I’ll give in sometime (I just really love pizza), but I guarantee it will be cheaper and healthier than last month! I found this cute printable calendar and wrote it all out – then hung it on the fridge as a reminder!  Here is my menu:

So what about you? What are you doing this month to reboot/refresh/restart? Let us know! Comment below!


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