Travel : Breckenridge, CO


Being sick can really throw you off your game! I don’t get sick much, but when I do I guess I like to make up for lost time – thus this late post! I love to travel, and being sick wasn’t going to stop me this time. This year Bryce and I were able to take a long weekend and go to Colorado with some friends. I was excited and nervous at the same time, because it was the first time we would be leaving our baby (I have tears just thinking about it). It was hard, but I’m so glad we took the trip. We loaded up the 4-Runner and headed to Breckenridge, CO.

Despite the fact that I caught some respiratory bug, and possibly was affected by altitude sickness, I still enjoyed the mountain air and was able to get out and about. Bryce has never gotten to snowboard in the mountains, so I was excited to see his reaction when he saw how huge they are, and how much REAL snow can make a difference in your riding experience! He’s so good at boarding already, he adapted very well. I, on the other hand, still struggle with snowboarding – but I’m getting better and better the more we go!

Breckenridge is a very popular place to ski/snowboard, especially in the high season of January-March. There were a ton of people out, but the lift systems and trails that they have in place still make it nice for everyone. They have something for all sorts of winter sportsters  – greens for the newbies, double blacks for the experienced, and “bowls” for the insane. I stayed comfortable on the blues and greens. When you’re tired, just take a break at one of their many lodges! The food is a bit expensive, but you get a large amount and it is delicious.  I didn’t know before, but they also have childcare! We might just have to take baby girl back real soon…

While our group of 12 got the most of the fantastic riding conditions, I had to stay at the condo most of our second day. I did however get out to see some of Breckenridge’s cute little downtown. It’s adorable, colorful, bustling – and a shoppers paradise! A friend (who also took the day off) and I walked around, ate crepes, and strolled in and out of shops.

Here are a few of my finds:

Artisan Necklace – B for Bryce, O for Olivia, and “blessed” because I am!

Artisan Carved Candle
Colorado Onesie 

Organic Tea for the sisters

Crepes – made the only way I want them, by a hipster with a handlebar mustache. My buddy Meng was working on his social media game while we watched the crepes being made. The hipster was working too fast for me to get a good shot, you’ll just have to believe me about the handlebar mustache.

There are SO many places to eat here too. We wanted to try them all but just didn’t have enough time. I would suggest going more than 3 days if you can, to get the most of your trip! Although we didn’t get to use it, our lift tickets included a day at Vail or Keystone which are other nearby ski resorts. Hopefully we can explore those next time.

All in all, I say this is an excellent place to visit. Be prepared though, to spend some major cash, because skiing/boarding can be expensive! If you love the outdoors as much as we do, it is totally worth it. We saved money by driving (instead of flying), bringing along groceries, and splitting the cost of a condo with the rest of our group. We were also able to get a discount on our lift tickets by purchasing them early. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Where have you been lately ? Comment about your travels!!


5 responses

  1. I just got back from London yesterday.

    1. That’s so cool! My cousin travelled there by herself and loved it.

      1. Its a good place to travel on your own since they speak the same language (more or less), the only downside is it is pretty expensive.

  2. Nicely written, great job!

    1. Thank you!

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