Defining Friendship

I have never had an abundance of friends. I like it that way! I have lots of acquaintances, but less than a handful of friends. Finding people who meet my definition (not Merriam-Webster’s) of friendship has been difficult. Creating a friendship takes effort and time. It takes two people intentionally acting together to learn and grow.

I knew Adriene and I would be friends when I witnessed her keeping her roommate accountable. She took a risk and had an awkward conversation to better her friend. How cool! She came into my life at a time that I had no friends physically to near me. We have grown immensely together and separately in the time that we have been friends and that’s exactly how we planned it. We try to push each other to be better each conversation we have. Our friendship defines friendship for me. Dependability, loyalty, lack of judgment, encouragement, and love. That’s what a true friend is to me!

How do you define friendship?


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