One Project @ A Time!

I’ve always been a little over-ambitious when it comes to thinking I can multi-task several crafting projects [and pretty much everything I do]…there’s always just so much stuff I want to do and not enough time! I’ve come to realize that I’m quite the dreamer, and I like to think things through and mull over ideas – but I’m terrible at finishing those that I start. For instance, I’m currently thinking about a DIY infinity scarf I want to make, a floor plan for the restaurant I want to own some day, the Blurb book I need to update, the wall art I need to finish, and the frames I need to get for the photos that I need to print off. I could go on and on. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with what I want/need to do, that I never actually get anything done! I want to do better about that.

So today, I made a list (shocker). With all my projects onto one sheet, I can prioritize! I thought I would share with you the project I’m currently working on and will finish first.

I’ve really been into planner decorating lately, and I think I can call myself an amateur planner addict by now. I love all the stickers and attachments, and the process of creating a layout. There’s so much cute stuff out there, but it can get expensive if you let it! In order to keep costs down, I researched some on how to make my own planner stickers and inserts. It’s relatively easy if you have the equipment!

I like my Erin Condren Life Planner so far, and I wanted to learn how to make my own planner squares for the vertical layout planner I purchased. Wenda, from has some great tutorials on how to do so! She also has a ton of info on planners, printables, and DIY stickers that I’m excited to delve into too. I used her tutorial and created these planner squares pretty quickly. The only problem I ran into is that I don’t have any type of document writer on my computer since I reformatted it a while back (poor ol’ gal, she’s hung in there for 6 years). I just ended up using a google docs form, and it worked fine. All I had to do was adjust each picture to the right size.

Here they are:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.54.44 AM

I found most of the graphics online, and some of them I made myself with the phone app Phonto and the editing site PicMonkey. I was mostly just messing around with this printout, but I’m hoping to make some personalized ones in the future (yep, on the list – I’ll update when I’m done). I’m planning on buying some sticker paper to make storing and using the printables easier, but for now I’m just going to cut them by hand and glue them in.

Feel free to print these off and use them too! Download the PDF here: Printables. (I included the template I used also). I’d love to see any that you create – send them my way!





4 responses

  1. I love these, thanks for sharing!

  2. loving the one with arrows….my brain is currently drowning in projects to start too. Not enough time in the day!

  3. So cute! I like your style! Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year. Koko 🙂

    1. Thanks KoKo! Happy new year to you too!

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