Resolutions for 2016


Allison and I have been friends for over 7 years now, and one of the best things about our relationship has been our vow to be accountable for each other. We don’t always keep up with it like we should, but it is SO SO good to have a friend who I can confide in and who still likes me when I fail. We are constantly trying our best to help each other be our best. One way we do that is by setting goals. New Years is always a great time for us because we have fun dreaming about the future, and making lists of what we want to accomplish. Knowing the other is on the look out makes it that much better! So, to keep up with our accountability we are posting our resolutions on the internet. Here are mine! See her’s here!

  • -Apply to Medical Schools (by June 1st)
  • -Keep up with baby photo book and organization
  • -Visit (at least) 3 new cities/places
  • -Blog weekly
  • -Sew an article of clothing for myself
  • -Memorize 12 Verses (see them here)
  • -Limber up: stretching to do the splits by 2017
  • -Squat more than my body weight
  • -Monthly Exercise Challenge
  • -Get a second PRN nursing job or side job
  • -Get involved in a Bible Study
  • -Learn basic scales on the piano (again)


What are your resolutions? Share with us!



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  1. […] for a goal per month, with six months on each side. I decided that since I had already made a yearly goal page and a monthly exercise challenge page, I would just insert those there. Add a little washi […]

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