Single During the Holidays

pink Christmas

Are you dating anyone?  Any guys in your life? How are you still single? When are you going to get a boyfriend?

These are the questions you get when you’re 27 and still attend family events alone.

They ask with good intentions and simple curiosity. No one means to be the reminder that you haven’t found the love of your life. No one means to make you feel like carpooling with your dad and sister to Christmas is lame. But, they do. They reinforce the thought that being alone isn’t all that great.

What your family doesn’t know, is that there are a few things that only come with being single during the holidays.

You get the privilege to decorate your tree, your house, however you want. There is no one to tell you that you’ve gone overboard or that they refuse to have a pink covered tree (just ask my sister).

You can put your dog in ridiculous outfits that would embarrass any sane person. You can play Christmas music in October. You can be as cheer filled as Buddy the Elf!

Scheduling Christmas events is much simpler. There aren’t multiple families (besides your own) to fit in and please. You can spend quality time with your family without rushing in and out to multiple events in a single day. Traditions can stay the same as they have always been.

Shopping is a million times easier! There aren’t multiple families full of people expecting gifts because apparently being single also equates to being too irresponsible to buy for everyone. Fine with me! Personally, I buy gifts for approximately five people.

Try to remember the positive things that you get to enjoy this time of year thanks to your singleness.

Share some of your favorite advantages of being single during the holidays with us!




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  1. Rocking my pink tree and being single! Love you.

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