Changing Traditions


Christmas tree

Traditions are something you don’t really consider as a child. You simply do what you do every year out of habit. Your parents tell you the plans (maybe) and they get carried out like every year before. Holidays require little thought or planning as you grow because you don’t question tradition. Problems arise when traditions get questioned. What changes traditions?

Divorce. The traditions that you’ve come accustomed to no longer make sense. You have to spend time separately with both sides of the family in a short period and no one seems to get enough time. As an adult, you are expected to fairly distribute yourself amongst the people who love you. The old traditions don’t fit, so you have to make new ones.

Kids. Making your own traditions for a new little family unit is a fun and daunting task. You want everything to be perfect for baby from the beginning, but perfection is hard to come by when you’re taking care of a newborn. Finding the time and energy to determine the right way to celebrate the holidays can be difficult.

Loss of loved ones. When grandparents pass it changes the dynamic of family traditions. Everyone feels the magnified loss around the holidays. The glue that held the family together is no longer there, which means someone or everyone has to step up and continue the little things that make the holidays memorable.

Making new traditions doesn’t magically happen. Change is hard. There will probably be a few hurt feelings and mishaps along the way, but know that the time spent planning will be well worth it in the long run.

What has helped you when your traditions get questioned or have to change? Leave a reply below!



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  1. We always answer, “We have to do what works best for us this year.” The things with traditions is that in addition to the three big reasons change happens above is there are all kinds of reasons things happen. This year we are not spending Christmas at home for the first time in 12 years. We are going to my parents because my father and mother really wanted to spend one “last” Christmas as a family. My kids are growing older and far to soon will be gone from home. Traditions will change but we keep the ones that mean the most in our heart.

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