Seven FANTASTIC Gifts For New Mommies



Recently, we welcomed our first child into the world! She’s absolutely beautiful, and even before she was born she made a major haul of gifts during the baby showers we were given. We were SO BLESSED by friends and family. When you have no idea what you’re doing because you’re a first time parent (me), any and all gifts are extremely appreciated. Not only did baby girl get many wonderful things, this momma got a little spoiled too! Obviously, anything from our registry was great but there were a few presents that made this new momma feel very special. I wanted to share with you some of the gifts and services that made my pregnancy and delivery experience even more enjoyable. Some were so fantastic that I’ve vowed to give similar gifts to expecting mommies in my life from now on!

*Disclaimer – I was not contacted or compensated to write this post by any of the vendors mentioned*

Seven FANTASTIC Gifts For New Mommies

  1. Manicure/Pedicure – offering to take her for a mani/pedi or getting her a gift certificate for one is sure to please! No one wants to go into the delivery room and end up seeing unkept toes up on stirrups (at least I didn’t). Not only will it make her feel pampered, it’ll make her feel cared for!
  2. Handcrafted Item – if you’re crafty, of course. One of my favorites was a hand-quilted blanket from my Aunt! She let me pick out the fabric so that it would match our nursery. She’s done this for every niece and nephew. Another was a painted sign for the nursery from my friend Lauren. She has some major calligraphy skills and made sure to match the colors to the nursery too. I would not suggest going this route unless you are confident in your artistry and you know it’s something mommy would like.
  3. Create a Meal Train – this has been extremely useful! On this site you can schedule dates and times for friends and family to deliver meals to the family so that they don’t have to cook. Our church family has been very generous with this and it’s given us more time to catch up on sleep and snuggles. Seriously… so good!
  4. Put together a Spa Basket – catered to mommy of course. One of my co-workers gave me a body wash and lotion set in my favorite scent from Bath and Bodyworks. Add some chapstick and a bath poof, and mommy will have a great first and OH-SO-WONDERFUL after birth shower. Seriously, I felt like a new woman when I was cleared to take a shower at the hospital. Ah-may-zing. Be sure to ASK mommy what her preference on scents are!
  5. Put together a Snack Basket – bring this to the hospital if you get to visit! A good variety of sweet and salty will help mom (and dad) get through the stay. The hospital food during our stay was actually very good, but those 2 AM feeding sessions can leave a lady famished. The hospital kitchens aren’t always open so, having a few different options was great. Suggestions include beef jerky, granola bars, pretzel sticks, trail mix, fruit, and chocolate. And maybe some donuts. Donuts are always appreciated :).
  6. Buy her a fancy nursing robe – they are so fun! I actually bought this myself, thinking it would be cute for pictures. I didn’t have many pictures taken in it because I was so swollen and uncomfortable after the un-planned c-section we had, but it was still nice to have something soft and pretty to wear. (Not to mention easy access for breastfeeding)! Hospital gowns just don’t give you that feeling, or any good feeling – amen? See where I bought mine here.
  7. Gift Cards – not just for the stores she is registered at, but stores you know she likes. A friend gave me a card to Victoria’s Secret. This was nice because I was able to buy a cute pajama set to wear after delivery that I wouldn’t have normally splurged on. I would propose cards to her favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or bookstore.

So there you have it! I recommend that you ALWAYS ALWAYS check the registry first. The practical items placed on registries are great because you know will be used. These seven things I suggest you use in addition to or as an alternative if you want to give a more personal gift than money or diapers. (But diapers are always great too!)

Mommies – what would you add to this list? Leave a reply!


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