50 and Mostly Sunny

It’s really nice outside today, while I sit in my mother-in-law’s house in my hometown. It’s nice and quiet, cool, a little drizzle, with just enough ambient noise – perfect napping weather. If I get the choice I  usually choose to nap, but not right now. Today I will enjoy the break from the harsh winter winds and thank God for reminding me of the good days of my childhood. Days like today are the ones I spent outside ALL DAY. There were so many trees to climb, enemies to destroy, and well.. stuff to look at. Bugs. Leaves. Sticks. My cousins and I used to make pretend salads with all the grasses and berries we could find. We’d ride our bikes, make chalk art on the driveway, or just swing on the swing set for hours. It was the sweet innocence I love so much. So much time, and no restraints! I wasn’t worried about work, school, food, taxes, or laundry. I needed a day like this.

Ocean - Hillsong United


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