It’s this time of year people really begin thinking of losing weight and getting in shape. This process began a little earlier for me, late summer last year. I had been considering joining a gym or finding some sort of physical activity outside of my home to join, but my attempts had been unsuccessful.

Groupon was the catalyst that set me in motion. It offered an affordable personal training package for a small gym in downtown Lee’s Summit, named SHREDD.  Ryan personal trainer and the owner; Billie is his counterpart and the other personal trainer. She was the bubbly energetic face I met when I nervously walked through the doors. She made me feel right at home and I became excited for what lay ahead.

SHREDD isn’t your typical gym; everything is simplified. You can attend one of the boot camp classes or stick to the one on one training, but each and every workout is tailored to you. The new year doesn’t mean your typical flood of resolution makers crowding the gym. You’ll always have the personal attention of your trainer and an open gym to move around in.

The lack of equipment was initially very intimidating. There are two machines, an elliptical and treadmill, and lots of free weights. I didn’t know how to workout in a new environment so different from my norm. Luckily, Ryan and Billie do the difficult part, thinking. It’s wonderful to walk in and begin your workout without any planning!

My journey with SHREDD has still just begun, but I look forward to continuing down an even better path with the help of Billie and Ryan. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll figure out how to be successful with the food part of their advice and make them proud!


“Just trust the process.”
Photo by: Steven Smith


Amy is proof the process works!
Photo by: Steven Smith


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