Small Closet Challenge {Part One}

Ugh. The thought of it makes me sick – cleaning out my closet?! Booooring. How about we just don’t do it, and say we did? Poof! Post over… Just kidding. This is something I REALLY need to do. I am completely unhappy when I look into my closet. It’s unorganized, full of sentiments and regrets, its dark, and sort of becoming an abyss. One major problem is that it’s super tiny, which is expected in our  super tiny apartment. It’s also got sliding glass doors and no light, so it doesn’t really make anything easily accessible to me unless I pull lots of stuff out and then toss it back in again. I was not a born-organized person, so this task has always been daunting. Some of you may feel the same way.  I will say that there is hope for us out there! I’ve done some research, and I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks from many how-to’s and DIY closet makeovers to spur on this mission.

1) Designate Time. A day. An hour. 15 minute intervals. Whatever will work into your schedule! Just knowing that you have already decided to work on your closet and have set a time will help the task go by. If you can’t get it done in one day, choose a second day to pick up where you left off.

2) Make piles. Many bloggers suggest at least three piles: trash, keep, donate. Assign some trash bags or baskets to each of these to help keep things tidy! Get rid of anything damaged, itchy, or doesn’t fit. I will most likely take some of my clothes to Plato’s Closet – if they buy any of my clothes, then I’ll have some cash to put into building my wardrobe essentials!

3) Build your basics. This is something I’ve never been able to do. I  have gotten better over the years about buying only things I like and not wasting my money on clothes that I “kinda, sorta, maybe it’s in style so I’ll buy it” like. I still struggle with building outfits from what I already have. There are tons of examples of basic wardrobes on Pinterest, but yours should be specific to you, your work life, and social life.  I plan on slowly building mine this year, because I’m on a tight budget. Here’s my list of basics! You can also follow my Pinterest Inspiration Board 🙂


4) Design/Assign a place for everything, One does not need 27 pairs of white socks (I don’t think…) Decide how much of each  you need to keep, and donate the rest. Then, give it a spot in the closet. This, I’m sure will be troublesome, since I hardly have a spot for anything! I think I’ll use my list of basics to go off of. {Bonus! This also means a trip to somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond or Office Max for organization goodies!}

5) Have fun! Decorate it up 🙂 Use spray paint to make all your hangers match. Paint the inside an awesome color. Organize by color, or don’t!  Hang up something that makes you smile – like a style board, a Bible verse, or an inspiring quote.

6) Prepare for your next clean up. Put all your hangers backwards, and next year, if there are any clothes on your  hangers that are still backwards – toss em!

What are some tips that you use to clean your closet? Comment below!


2 responses

  1. Oh yes! I’m cleaning it out right now and have gotten a huge bag ready to take to Goodwill! I did keep a few things that I REALLY like that are a size or so too big, just so if I gain a little weight after nursing, I don’t have to rebuy a ton. 😉

    You should post a pic of your closet when it is finished!!!

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