2014 New Years Resolutions!

Everyone has their opinion about resolutions. Some people make a detailed list about how and when they will complete everything they’ve ever wanted to do. And then do it. The rest of us go back and forth trying to decide if we want to fail now or fail later. This year, however, I have decided to take a positive approach! Why spend my time thinking about how I will never accomplish anything?! (ha… perhaps my thoughts are a bit extreme) But seriously, I take too much time worrying about all my faults instead of working toward goals. On the flip side I tend to be overambitious with my resolutions, which leaves me giving up on accomplishing any of them by the end of the year. *wah wah*

That being said, I am going to try again. I’ve chosen a few  [seemingly] attainable goals for 2014. The best part about these pledges is that even if I get half of them done, I can look back and be proud of myself. Allison has agreed to also post hers so that we remain accountable! We’ve listed them below. Drumroll please!


Allison’s 2014 Resolutions

1) Read 24 books in a year, 3 of them have to be classics!
2) Put money in savings with every paycheck.
3) Take Gus to puppy training.
4) Try out a new dog park.
5) Take a cake decorating class with my mom. 

Adriene’s 2014 Resolutions

1) Read 12 [recreational, not-required-by-chemistry-class] books in 1 year or 1 book per month.
2) Run a race. 5k, 10k, half marathon, who knows? I’ve run plenty of races, but having one to train for helps me stay consistent in my work outs.
3) Finish a scrapbook. I have SO many pictures, and SO much scrapbooking supplies. I really have no excuse.
4) Build a working wardrobe. I buy things that I really like to wear, but none of it ever seems to come together.
5) Do the splits. I can barely touch my toes. Surely the path to getting more flexible is one I can travel in a year? 

Do you have any 2014 Resolutions? Leave us a comment!


2 responses

  1. Happy, happy new year’s!!! 😀

    Have an beautiful day and new year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you! Have a wonderful new years too!

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