{Magazine Review} life:beautiful

As long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid reader. I can’t help but read what is put in front of me. Magazines on the counter? Read em’. Shampoo bottles in the shower? Read em’ again. A friend’s textbook that looks more enticing than mine? Read that too. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, I just can’t help it. I like that it keeps my mind busy. I like that it improves my grammar. I just like it.

I always pick up a few magazines or books before I go on a trip. I’m lucky enough that I don’t get sick in the car or on a plane, so it’s usually an enjoyable experience for me. Most recently, I picked up a volume of life:beautiful magazine.

I was initially attracted to its bright and colorful front page – comparable to what you would see on a Real Simple magazine. Upon closer inspection I found the tagline to read “Faith for your journey”. I often start from the back of a magazine, (not sure why, maybe I like my dessert first), but the tag line intrigued me to see what this magazine was about from the beginning. The content page revealed that I was in for some great recipes [yum], home organization [always needed], and an article about prayer [whhaa??]. I was thrilled to see the editor’s letter include her thoughts on Jesus Christ, without abandon. I thought to myself, “did I really just pick up a Christian magazine in an airport shop”? It seemed too good to be true. Surely this was a mistake. This must be one of those Christian groups trying to be mainstream and fluffy about what the Word of God has to say. This edition featured articles by Joyce Meyer and Dave Ramsey. I’m still unsure of what I think about both ministries and thus became even more skeptical about the content.

Page after page I turned and soaked in what was in front of me. I have to admit – I was pretty shocked at myself for being so critical about it, before reading through the first time. I loved it! It was full of goodness and happiness and joy. Articles were encouraging, honest, and although some were sad, they left me feeling hopeful and challenged. It was the first time I’ve read through a magazine and felt satisfied with myself and my situation after doing so. Often, magazines today have a way of making one feel incomplete – like not having the newest style clothes or makeup, or pretty hair, or best relationships… this magazine left me feeling totally different.

life:beautiful magazine

Things I loved about this magazine:

  • Read through the bible calendar by month (this edition was for the summer months)
  • Colorful, Pinterest-quality photography
  • Simplicity of layouts
  • Recipes
  • Home Organization Tips
  • Bible verses laced throughout the whole journal

Also, there were two articles that caught most of my attention.

The first, a write-in article to Dave Ramsey. If you don’t know about Dave, you should know he has some interesting thoughts about finance. He’s written several books and you can check out some of what he talks about here: http://www.daveramsey.com/home/ What I most enjoyed about the “Dear Dave” article is that his answers seem very genuine, and interwoven with personal life experience. I like that.

The second was an article titled “Partner to the great physician”, written by a Steve Cooper. In this article three different medical doctors share how their profession has been knit together with Christ. This hit home with me, because I am currently chasing after chance to get into med school and I’m VERY aware of how difficult it can be to live like Christ working in healthcare. If you don’t think it would be difficult, try obtaining your RN, working 12 hour shifts that include up to 7+ patients, 21+ meals to feed, 21+ medication  passes, 7+ baths, finding MD’s, calming angry patients, calming angry family members, assisting with procedures…[need I go on?] all while trying to hold your tongue. It’s an everyday challenge. I was encouraged by this article because these doctors choose to have Jesus as their partner in surgery, clinics, and all they pursue. This also means they stand up for things they believe in. Praying with each and every patient. Going on medical missions. NOT participating in abortions. Tough Stuff. Very admirable.

ALL this to say – I am very happy to have found this magazine. I hope that this gives you some insight to what the mag is about, and maybe encourage you to pick up a copy yourself!


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