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Why workout? Why eat foods that fuel your body? Why say no to those comfort foods that we’ve come to love and maybe even rely on? My answer to all these questions is simple: because I’m worth it! I wanted a change in my self-esteem, my body, and my life.

My journey towards healthy living began roughly about 2 months ago with the help of a trainer. Living Social deals CAN be good for something; a deal got me into SHREDD (the gym) with Billie. She is a fun, energetic woman who knows how to balance the right amount of drive and cheerfulness to help me succeed at each workout. She has made working out easier just by her approach.

Billie started me out with core and stability building excercises that would prepare me to safely work towards my fitness goals. Working out had never been so motivating or frustrating. I was used to more difficult moves at a quicker pace than my body was allowing for, and it was humilitating. I wanted to go back in time to previous years and use THAT body. We all know that isn’t possible, but it doesn’t stop us from wishing. I had to learn to push through each day making the most of the body I’ve got.

One road block I continue to struggle with is nutrition. I have never, even in my more fit days, eaten healthily. My meals are fatty and thoughtless, and changing that is a daily struggle. Putting time, effort, and thought into each meal of each day is exhausting. Fast food is simple and easy. Healthy food requires shopping, planning, cooking, and so much more. It isn’t easy.

I can only make decisions that help me down the path to improvement. I cannot dwell on mistakes or days I consider failures. Focusing on overall improvement and foward movement keeps me motivated better than focusing one certain aspect of the journey. I am changing my life, and it feels great!

Just remember:

It’s your journey; only compare you to you.

Set backs will happen, but they don’t define you.

You’re worth it!


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