Dogtoberfest 2013

Dogtoberfest is a festival for dog owners and dog lovers alike. Everything you see celebrates the relationships owners have with their beloved friends of the furry persuasion. There are booths of specialty breed rescues,   photography especially for families with pets, groomers, bakeries, dog watchers, and many more. In addition to the booths, there are contests and tutorial sessions.

oct phone 407

This was my second time experiencing this festival. My first trip was with a friend who was an owner of several dogs and an avid dog lover. I, on the other hand, hadn’t quite embraced my love of the canine breed. Puppies were cute, but dogs weren’t my thing.

Everything changed when I got my dream dog, Gus. Gus is an English Bulldog who I’ve had since he turned eight weeks old. He is the coolest most frustrating love of my life and has officially changed my dog love status.

So, three years after my initial visit I got to take my pup to experience Dogtoberfest. I purchased a new type of leash soon after arriving so that Gus wouldn’t pull me all over the park, because despite his single obedience class, he isn’t exactly the best at walking on a leash. His new leash wraps around his legs and stops him from pulling. It’s awesome and well worth the $35!

oct phone 411

Gus wearing his new leash

We spent an hour and a half exploring everthing the festival had to offer, but I think I could have stayed the whole day just dog watching. We saw many different breeds and got to meet each dog we saw. Gus got plenty of love and compliments, so many he got worn out. He started flopping down on the ground every few minutes to rest; it was adorable.

oct phone 408


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