Going once, going twice…sold

Going to an auction for the first time is an experience that everyone should savor. I do recommend getting a few pointers from a more seasoned auction-goer in order to properly prepare your senses for the overload they are guaranteed to undergo when the car door opens. I was lucky enough to be born into a family of seasoned auction veterans, but for those of you who have only experienced an auction through the lens of a History Channel camera I hope to expand your knowledge beyond your television set.

Here are a few things to get you started:
• Arrive early to scope out the goods
• Before looking, find the trailer with the auction numbers (you need one to place bids)
• By this time you may have noticed the plethora of amazing people. You’re welcome.

Thanks to Pinterest, everyone is more interested in DIY crafts and creating new treasures from well used deals. It seems like thrift stores have become the go-to market for these items, but few know how to earn auction steals. Many of the hard to find, or more expensive ideas found on your favorite craft site can be found with a little patience and less money. Furniture shows us how an over-looked auction item can be some one of the most rewarding finds.

Now, how to bid and buy your treasure:
• First, decide how much you are willing to pay before bidding begins.
 -Remember not to get caught up in the frenzy
 -Listen at estate sales for family interest; it can increase price past market value
• Second, pay attention to the wording used when your item is up.
 -Choice = choose one or more of the items being bid on and pay individually
(often this price can be extended to other bidders)
 -One money = you bid on everything being held up for one price
 -One money x ? = you bid on every item individually and pay for the number of items
• Third, note every winning bid on the back of your number with a description
• Fourth, make sure to keep track of your treasures after winning the bid.
• Fifth, pay for all your treasures at the trailer where you picked up your number
• Sixth, hope you have enough room for all the goods in your vehicle!


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